Mugabe has described gays and lesbians as being worse than dogs and pigs.

Mugabe has described gays and lesbians as being worse than dogs and pigs.

The Lifestyle Tabloids spoof website has struck again, this time claiming that a son of notorious homophobe President Robert Mugabe had come out as gay.

The South African satire blog published an article on Wednesday stating that Mugabe’s third eldest son, Chipape Mugabe, had told the Good Morning UK drive-time show that he is gay.

He was quoted as saying: “My coming out of the closet was an important move in that much as my father is advocating anti-homosexuality, his own blood carries the very cells of what he deems as worse than pigs…”

Chipape, said to be studying aboard, allegedly went on to say: “As a gay person and a very independent thinker, I feel Zimbabwe can do so much more than dwell on making the lives of minority groups a living hell.”

“My father is probably still very shocked, therefore I’m giving him space to allow all these news to sink in, more so, to get him used to the idea of having a gay son. I sincerely hope my revelation will allow people to stop and think; what if my own child is gay?”

The story quickly went viral. It was posted on social media platforms and quoted by numerous bloggers around the world.

Sadly, the article is a humorous fabrication. There is no radio show in the UK called Good Morning UK, and Mugabe does not have a son called Chipape Mugabe.

Lifestyle Tabloids has published a number of outrageous articles, including claiming that local television channel was set to broadcast a reality series on President Zuma’s wives.

Hilariously, the channel, seemingly unable to recognise satire, issued a terse statement threatening to sue the website.

Lifestyle Tabloids also recently “reported” that the Department of Health was planning to launch “quick & easy” mobile abortion clinics.

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