t.A.T.u. performing in 2008

In a twisted turn of events, It’s been confirmed that Russian duo t.A.T.u. will perform at tonight’s opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi (7 February).

The group, consisting of then-teenagers Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova, made a splash in the early 2000s with their global hits All the Things She Said, Not Gonna Get Us and All About Us.

They also notably used risqué faux lesbian imagery to sell their music, at first embracing suggestions that they were a couple as a publicity stunt only to later confirm that they are both straight.

In 2007, they admitted that they were not lesbian; Katina telling the Sun newspaper that it wasn’t “fun playing lesbians anymore.”

They also issued a statement that year to defend themselves, saying that “many of our fans of alternative sexual orientation thought that we lied and betrayed them. This is not true! We’ve never done that and we’ve always advocated love without boundaries.”

To add to the irony, while Russia now defends its anti-gay law by claiming that it’s intended to protect minors, the duo were also criticised for projecting undertones of paedophilia.

The band’s creator Ivan Shapovalov reportedly admitted that he was inspired to form the band after visiting adult sites featuring underage girls. According to Wikipedia, He went so far as to admit: “This is the same as my own desires. I prefer underage girls.”

Their choice as performers for the opening ceremony is bizarre and inappropriate considering the massive international controversy over Russia’s anti-gay laws.

The singers are unlikely to reproduce their earlier “lesbian” antics on stage in Sochi as they could be arrested under the country’s “gay propaganda” law.

According to AP, other performers at the opening ceremony will include piano virtuoso Denis Matsuev and opera soprano Anna Netrebko singing the Olympic anthem.

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