can_straight_men_lip_synch_paul_rudd_jimmy_fallonWe’ve all been entertained by drag performers lip synching (sometimes with aplomb, often embarrassingly) to a variety of camp classics.

And who can forget the vast line up of past contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race dramatically “lip synching for their lives…”

But straight men rarely get the privilege to do the same in public. It requires a certain commitment to over the top performance that just won’t happen with most hetero boys – without considerable intoxication at least.

Not for American comedy stars Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd, though. They recently faced off in a lip sync battle on The Tonight Show.

The always adorable Rudd took on Tina Turner’s Better Be Good To Me and Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, while Fallon did his best with Foreigner’s Juke Box Hero.

So, can straight men lip synch? Well watch below and see what you think…

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