james_franco_posts_homoerotic_bed_selfieJames Franco has teased his gay fans with an intimate bed selfie with a sexy male actor.

The 36-year-old star and gay rights champion posted the photo on Instagram on Tuesday.

It shows Franco shirtless and under the covers in bed with Keegan Allen, 24, best known for his role as Toby Cavanaugh in the series Pretty Little Liars.

“BED SELFIE WITH KEEGAN ALLEN!!!!! TIME TO GO NUTS!!!!” he commented along with the image of the adorable duo.

Franco has been posting solo in-bed selfies for weeks but this is his first couple photo – and it would, of course, be with another man.

The two men have struck up a friendship and have now worked together on three films.

The new bromance image comes soon after the actor was slammed for apparently trying to pick up an underage girl on social media.

Franco has made a career of playing gay roles and using gay themes in his art and film.

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