Bryan Singer (Pic: Gage Skidmore)

Bryan Singer (Pic: Gage Skidmore)

Already facing earlier claims of sexual abusing a teenage boy, the openly gay director of the upcoming new X-Men film has been hit by fresh accusations.

On Monday, a 25-year-old British man claimed that A-list director Bryan Singer, along with Broadway musical producer Gary Goddard, sexually abused him at a London hotel when he was 17-years-old.

The un-named man’s lawyer, Jeff Herman, said that his client was motivated to sue Singer after another lawsuit was brought against the director last month.

At a press conference in Los Angeles, Herman held up a picture of the then-teenager posing with Singer and Goddard at the 2006 London premiere of the director’s Superman Returns.

According to The Daily Beast, the lawsuit claims that Goddard first contacted the boy online when he was 14, had an online sexual relationship with him and then met and plied him with alcohol and sexually abused him when he was 15 or 16.

The alleged victim claims that when he was 17 he met up with Goddard and Singer when they come to London for the Superman Returns premiere.

He alleges that at an after party at a hotel room, Singer molested him against his will and tried to anally penetrate him.

He also claims that Goddard had a large man “smack him around” when he refused to cooperate.

Last month, Singer was sued by 31-year-old Michael Egan who also claims that he was sexually abused by the filmmaker when he was 17-years-old.

Egan, a then aspiring actor, says that the abuse happened at exclusive sex parties in the late 1990s that featured young naked men for the pleasure of a group of Hollywood bosses.

Court documents allege that Singer promised him roles in his films and forced him to take drugs and alcohol and to have sex against his will.

The 48-year-old Singer, who has helmed previous X-Men films as well as hits such as The Usual Suspects, has denied these accusations as well as the most recent claims.

Singer recently announced that he was dropping out of promoting this month’s global release of X-Men: Days of Future Past so as not to detract from the film’s opening.

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