first_gay_past_ad_released_in_italyIn the wake of last year’s gay pasta furore, a frozen food brand has released what’s been claimed is Italy’s first gay-friendly advert.

In the ad, Luca hosts a dinner with his mother and his “flatmate,” Gianni.

After surprising his mom with Findus microwave pasta and risotto dishes, Luca has something else to tell her.

“There is another little surprise,” he says. “Gianni isn’t just my flatmate, he’s also my partner.”

The mother replies with a laugh: “My darling, I already got that,” before touching his hand affectionately.

It is believed that the advert is the first in Italy to depict homosexuality.

Fabrizio Marrazzo, spokesman for Italy’s Gay Center association, told Il Messaggero that the ad “should set an example for how Italian companies should communicate.”

He explained: “The advert clearly demonstrates the simplicity of a gay couple’s daily life, and acceptance of them in an intelligent way. We applaud Findus and call on all companies, big and small, to do the same. We’re still waiting for Barilla to give us a sign in that respect.”

In September last year, Guido Barilla, chairman of Italy’s top-selling Barilla pasta unleashed an international firestorm when he said in a radio interview that he would never produce a gay-friendly advert for the company and that he was against gay adoption. He added that if gay people didn’t like it, they could eat another pasta.

Barilla later released an apology video in a desperate bid to do damage control.

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