Pastor David Livingstone Kiganda

There has been an unconfirmed claim that extremists are planning to attack and kill gay Ugandans in a “gay genocide”.

The rumours reflect growing concerns that the LGBT community in Uganda may face a backlash after the country’s Anti-Homosexuality Act was annulled last week on a technicality.

On Wednesday, the Facebook group Uganda Gay on Move shared a disturbing statement claiming that “groups are being formed as we speak, machetes are being handed out.”

The alarming post, which appears to originate on a Facebook page called One World Voice, accuses Kampala Pastor David Livingstone Kiganda of calling for the murder of gays and lesbians on a radio show last Friday, soon after the law was struck down.

He allegedly urged Christians “to step up and kill anyone gay or who has committed an immoral sin.”

fears_of_gay_genocide_uganda_demand_law_be_reinstatedThe report compares the purported impending killings to the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

When asked by Gay Star News about the accusations that he has backed a ‘day of action’ against LGBT people, Kiganda replied “I have no information on that.”

While it is unlikely that any mass attacks will take place against LGBT Ugandans, Kiganda did affirm his support for a campaign by religious and political leaders to see the anti-gay law returned to the statute books as soon as possible.

There have been demands that Parliament immediately vote on the bill to pass it once again. According to DW, that could come as soon as next week.

MP Latif Ssebaggala told AP that he will shortly have over 300 signatures from fellow MPs demanding that the bill be re-introduced in Parliament.

Another MP, Medard Bitekyerezo, said that there will be “a show of hands in Parliament so that we know who is a homosexual and who is not.”

He added that “…it is going to be bloody in parliament.”

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