home_std_test_launched_udotestMany of us fear the embarrassment or possible rejection of discussing our sex lives with doctors and nurses. That often means that we suffer in silence, living with possible STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) instead of getting tested and treated.

Now, a new home-based STD test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea, which can be ordered online via mobile or desktop has been launched.

Men who have unprotected sex with men are at high risk of getting chlamydia, which may affect your urethra (urine tube), anus, throat or eyes. Gonorrhoea is commonly known as “the clap” or “the drop” and mainly affects the urethra, anus or throat in men. Both are bacterial infections and are usually treatable with a course of antibiotics.

The self-service approach to STD testing by UDoTest is a revolutionary step in healthcare and opens up new opportunities to South Africans seeking screening for these common sexually transmitted diseases.

“Many people today are prevented from living healthy, productive lives because of disease and limited access to healthcare”, comments Allison Martin, founder and MD of UDoTest, a company which last year also launched a home-based screening test for HPV.

“The impact of psychological barriers such as shame, discrimination and the like, prevent many people from seeking medical care. That is why my dream of empowering South Africans with the tools to order, buy and take medical tests at home was born,” she says.

The UDoTest process includes laboratory analysis and review by doctors, typical of traditional medical care – the difference with this product comes in self-sampling.

“The user simply takes his or her own laboratory sample in the privacy of home. That is step one in the process,” explains Martin.

“After a few days, the results are received via our secure online profile, with advice as to the next step. Either the patient will be referred to seed out medical care and should make an appointment with their doctor, or the patient receives a negative result and can rest assured as to their status”.

The cost of the test, R799, is covered by medical aid and the user simply uploads their scheme information when filling out their profile on the responsive website.

If the user gets ‘stuck’ at any point of the process of ordering, a friendly online assistant ‘Zoe’ is on hand to help via online chat. The service also includes free post-test counselling from trained health-care professionals.

“Life is too short to worry about a disease that is treatable – don’t be scared to seek out help,” says Martin.

For more information on the chlamydia and gonorrhoea UDoTest visit

For symptoms of chlamydia and gonorrhoea, click here and here.

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