nick_jonas_flaunts_muscles_for_gay_fansNick Jonas surprised revellers at a New York City gay club by showing off his buff chest and six-pack on Tuesday night.

The boy-band heartthrob made a guest appearance at the BPM club to promote his first solo single, Jealous.

After meeting fans, signing autographs and expressing his support for his gay supporters, the 21-year-old singer was convinced to show off some skin.

Standing on a podium between a gaggle of almost naked go-go boys, he opened his shirt and flexed his muscles to the obvious delight of the screaming patrons.

On Monday, ahead of the club appearance Nick tweeted: “I love my gay fans.”

Some media reports described his semi-striptease as “awkward,” but we think it’s adorable watching him eagerly trying to build up a gay fan base.

The star, who is currently dating Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, became famous as a teenager, along with his brothers Kevin and Joe, as a member of the popular Jonas Brothers pop-rock band. The band broke-up in October after selling more than 17 million albums worldwide.

Some of Nick’s fans posted video clips of his gay nightclub appearance on Instagram. See them below.

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