A still from CCTV footage of the alleged attackers

A group of men and women in the US who dined out at a restaurant chose to end their night by apparently brutally beating and robbing a gay couple.

According to reports, the victims, a 28-year-old man and a 27-year-old man, were walking in Center City, Philadelphia at around 10.45pm on Thursday last week when they were approached by the inebriated group, consisting of 10 to 12 men and women.

The gay men were asked if they were a couple, to which one replied: “Yes, do you have a problem?”

The group then allegedly attacked the men. They were held down while being punched in the face, head and chest.

The group also stole a bag dropped by one of the victims, which contained his wallet, credit cards and cell phone, before running away.

The victims said that the group shouted homophobic slurs at them during the savage and apparently unprovoked attack.


A photo posted on Twitter, believed to show the suspects dining out before the attack

The men were both hospitalised for multiple injuries. One was treated for fractures and deep lacerations to his face requiring surgery and having his jaw wired shut.

Police, who are investigating the incident as a possible hate crime, described the gay bashing suspects as “a group of approximately 10-12 white male and females all in their early 20’s, clean-cut and well-dressed.”

They also released CCTV footage of the suspects, which was quickly latched onto by social media users.

It’s thanks to members of the public that the alleged attackers could soon be arrested

Amateur sleuths reportedly managed to identify some of the suspects online, discovered that they’d earlier eaten out at an Italian restaurant (photos of the dinner were posted on Twitter by someone in the group) and provided the information to the police.

Lawyers representing a number of the suspects have since approached the police, but no arrests have yet been made.



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