Study links genes to male homosexuality


another_study_links_genes_with_homosexualityAnother study has found evidence that being gay may be influenced by a man’s genetic make-up.

Researchers from America’s NorthShore University HealthSystem Research Institute studied 800 gay brothers and found that the inclination towards homosexuality appears to be linked to genes on the X chromosome.

There was also evidence of the effect of another gene or genes on a different chromosome. The finding were published by the journal Psychological Medicine

Dr. Alan Sanders, the study’s lead author, told AP that the results are “not proof but it’s a pretty good indication.”

There is growing research from around the world that indicates that homosexuality is at least partly genetic or hereditary and/or partly caused by factors in the mother’s womb.

In February, scientists at Northwestern University in Chicago concluded that a gay man’s DNA contributes around 40% toward him being gay while the other 60% of his sexuality is probably based on environmental or other factors. That research involved studying 400 sets of twins.

Scientists have also found that the brains of homosexuals have slight structural differences to those of heterosexual people of the same gender and also discovered that the more older brothers a man has, the greater the chances of him being gay.

Many anti-gay groups refuse to accept that homosexuality could be a natural or genetic phenomenon and justify their homophobia with the assertion that it is a “lifestyle” or a “choice”. In Africa, for example, it is widely believed that people can be somehow “indoctrinated” or “converted” into homosexuality.

While no conclusive gay gene has yet been discovered, evidence suggests that homosexuality is simply another natural aspect of human sexuality.

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