Anni’s parents to sue Dewani over his sexuality

Shrien and Anni Dewani

Shrien and Anni Dewani

Regardless of the outcome of his murder trial, the parents of Anni Dewani will sue her husband Shrien Dewani because he lied about his sexuality.

Dewani previously confirmed to the court in a statement that he is bisexual and secretly paid for sex with S&M rent boys before the marriage.

Anni’s parents, Vinod and Nilam Hindocha, have now told the Daily Mail that they are suing Dewani for lying about his sexuality and will seek financial compensation, including repayment for the couple’s £200,000 wedding.

“If I knew Shrien was gay or bisexual I would never have allowed Anni to get married. It was a false wedding because of who he really was,” Mrs Hindocha said in a video interview.

“Anni would never have married Shrien if she knew the truth that he was bisexual or gay. She would never have accepted it. We never had any idea that he was or had been sleeping with gay prostitutes,” she explained.

Mr Hindocha added that he has nothing against gay people and that his issue is with Dewani’s deceit.

Dewani is accused of hiring men to kill Anni in an alleged staged hijacking while on honeymoon in Cape Town in 2010; charges which he denies.

The judge in the case, Jeanette Traverso, has refused to allow further testimony about Dewani’s sexuality and dismissed a London-based rent boy as a witness. She has insisted that Dewani’s sexuality alone cannot prove that he murdered his wife.

The state believes that as a closeted gay man Dewani felt under pressure to marry Anni and needed a way to get out of the marriage without having to reveal his sexual orientation.

Dewani’s lawyers have applied for the case to be dismissed, arguing that the evidence is weak and that the star witness, taxi driver and one of Anni’s killers, Zola Tongo, has been contradictory and unreliable.

A petition has also been launched to have Judge Traverso dismissed from the case over claims that she has displayed bias against the state and favoured Dewani’s legal representation.

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