Pastor dresses horse in wedding gown to protest gay marriage


horse_wears_wedding_dress_in_gay_marriage_protestAn American pastor has come up with a unique way of protesting the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

On Friday, the Rev. Edward James stood outside the Federal Courthouse in Jackson, Mississippi, next to his horse, Charlotte, that he had dressed in a white wedding gown.

The pastor held up a sign that read: “Do you take this horse to be your unnatural wedded spouse to have and to hold? This might even be possible if the banned [SIC] on same-sex marriage is lifted.”

Another sign stated: “Marriage is one man and one woman. Anything else is a perversion.”

A Mississippi judge recently struck down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, leading James to embark on his protest.

“I’m hoping that (U.S. District Court) Judge Reeves will reconsider his ruling and that Mississippi will stay a state that will only recognise marriage between a man and a woman,” he told The Clarion-Ledger.

The pastor’s “logic” is nothing new. Numerous opponents of marriage equality have absurdly claimed that allowing gay and lesbian marriage will lead to the legalisation of bestiality.

In 2008, disgraced South African journalist, Jon Qwelane infamously asked, since same-sex marriage is legal, “how soon before some idiot demands to ‘marry’ an animal and argues that [the South African Constitution] ‘allows’ it?”

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