Is the Absolutely Fabulous movie REALLY going to happen?

Jennifer Saunders & Joanna Lumley in Absolutely Fabulous

Jennifer Saunders & Joanna Lumley in Absolutely Fabulous

After years of empty promises, it seems that the highly anticipated Absolutely Fabulous movie could actually be made this year.

Creator and star Jennifer Saunders has revealed that she has finally finished writing the script for the cult show’s big screen outing.

“I’ve finished the first draft. I’m feeling euphoric. My proper New Year’s resolution is to do the film, otherwise it’ll be a pointless year of procrastination,” she told the Sunday People.

Saunders joked that she’d like to see Angelina Jolie play the role of Patsy (Joanna Lumley) and an orangutan playing her character, Edina.

In 2013, she said about a possible film: “I’ve just got to think of a really, really good plot because that’s where films fall down, when they haven’t quite got the plot worked out and it’s just a series of sketches. Really good plot. Really good actors. And a fucking good lighting/camera man.”

The stars had best get to shooting the film soon, as time is marching on. Saunders is now 56 and Lumley is 68.

Absolutely Fabulous, affectionately known as Ab Fab, was originally broadcast between 1992 and 1995. It returned for two more series and various specials, most recently in 2012.

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