Cape Town Pride 2015 to “Return to the Rainbow”


Cape Town Pride 2014 (Pic: David Lee)

The Cape Town Pride Festival has announced the theme for its 2015 edition, set to take place later this month.

Festival Director Matthew Van As said that the theme ‘Return to the Rainbow’ was chosen “to remind all Capetonians of their very special role in, and the contribution they can make towards, the Rainbow Nation and the promotion of human equality.”

The annual nine-day festival starts on Friday, 20 February and includes the Cape Town Pride Parade on Saturday, 28 February.

Van As said that members of Cape Town’s LGBTI community, their friends, family and loved-ones can look forward to a variety of events. “Like all seven colours that make a rainbow, all of us, irrespective of gender, race, beliefs or orientation, are needed to make up this beautiful city,” he explained.

Van As, who has been running the event as a non-profit organisation for the past three years, told Mambaonline that he believes that Cape Town Pride is important “because it is a celebration of the rights that we have gained over the years,” adding that, “It is also the coming together of people from all walks of LGBTIQA life in one space.”

Last year, Cape Town pride came under fire from some activists who claimed that it was depoliticised and lacked diversity. A public meeting was held in April, which saw around 35 people attending to air their grievances and views.

When asked if he felt that the meeting was fruitful, Van As replied that, “it did help to see what the community was feeling. Dialogue between all parties concerned is always good.”


Cape Town Pride Festival Director Matthew Van As

He continued: “Every person has a different view on what Pride is and I think that is where the general problems lay. I’m looking forward to the day the people not only voice their opinions, but also come with suggestions and ideas on how to make these happen.”

Van As also said that while calls had been put out to various communities within Cape Town to come up with events for the 2015 Pride Festival, few had come forward with input. “We hope that more people realise that Pride is what you make of it.”

He added that the last three years had taught him that he “can’t take everything so personally and that people will always have something to say when working with an event like this.”

Van As pointed out that the success of the event depends on the kindness of volunteers and urged anyone interested in being part of putting on Cape Town Pride to e-mail him at

For more details on Cape Town Pride and its events, click here.

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