Moroccan and Canadian tourist arrested on gay charges


local_canadian_tourist_arrested_for_gay_sex_moroccoTwo men, a local and a Canadian tourist, have been arrested by police in Morocco on charges of having gay sex.

According to local media reports, the 25-year-old Moroccan man, who works at a tourist resort, laid apparently false charges of rape against the tourist.

It’s alleged that the charges were fabricated to counter the 35-year-old Canadian man’s plans to share pictures of them having sex online.

The Canadian’s hotel room was raided and police claim to have found pornographic videos and images on his tablet and memory cards.

The local man’s efforts to save himself reportedly “backfired” and both he and the tourist have been arrested for debauchery and homosexual conduct. The Moroccan is also being charged with making false statements.

Male and female same-sex sexual activity is illegal in Morocco, with penalties ranging from six months to three years in jail, as well as fines.

The country has been cracking down on gay tourists and locals in recent months.

In October last year, a retired British tourist, Ray Cole, and a local man were jailed on gay charges. They were sentenced to four months in a Marrakesh prison. Following international outrage, Cole was released and sent back to the UK. It is believed that the Moroccan man was also freed.

In December, two local men were sent to jail for three years for engaging in “homosexual practices.” The sentences were later reduced to six months and one year.

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