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Colours of Love: True Love highlights black, queer couples: The iconic True Love magazine has been praised for featuring four queer couples in its latest issue as a commemoration of Pride month in Gauteng.
Indonesia | President delays draconian extramarital sex ban: Indonesia's president, Joko Widodo, has delayed the ratification of a controversial new penal code that would criminalise sex outside of marriage, including sex between LGBTQ people.
After a decade, the future of Ekurhuleni Pride is uncertain: In the wake of the recent 11th Ekurhuleni Pride, the organisers have revealed that the event's future is now in doubt.
Mauritius | Bid to legalise same-sex sexuality: Four young activists have approached the Supreme Court of Mauritius to legalise homosexuality in order "to establish equality and freedom under the law" for LGBT people.
US court says Christian wedding invitation designers can refuse same-sex couples: The top court in the US state of Arizona has ruled that two designers are within their rights to refuse to create same-sex wedding invitations.
Trans conversion therapy linked to suicide: A damning study has found that attempts to change a transgender person’s gender identity, known as conversion therapy, is associated with a higher risk of suicide attempts.
Scientists discover that famous ‘Lovers of Modena’ were men: The ancient skeletons known as the "Lovers of Modena" who were found holding hands and presumed to be a man and woman have turned out to be those of men.
“It does not make me weak” – Gay rugby icon Gareth Thomas reveals HIV status: Gareth Thomas, the world’s first openly gay international rugby player, has received a tidal wave of support after being forced to announce that he is living with HIV.
Eswatini government officially rejects LGBTI group: The government of Eswatini confirms that it views LGBTI people as criminals and second class citizens who are not entitled to basic human rights.
Sam Smith embraces non-binary pronouns: After recently coming out as non-binary, British hitmaker Sam Smith has announced that they no longer want to be referred to as 'him' or 'he'.
Report: Eastern Cape LGBTQ woman takes own life after rape (Updated): Sue Ann Klaasen, a young LGBTQ woman from Uitenhage, has committed suicide after being raped by a group of men allegedly because of her sexuality.
Bullied gay youth gets 14 years for class stabbing: A gay American youth who killed a fellow high school student in class after being bullied for years was sentenced to jail this week.
Vaal Pride 2019 a spirited protest and celebration (Photos): The 7th annual Vaal Pride was held in the historic Gauteng township of Sharpeville on Saturday 7 September and was dubbed an enthusiastic commemoration of LGBTQ identity.
Ethiopia | Religious leaders to offer LGBTQ conversion therapy: Citing the "escalating problem" of homosexuality, religious leaders in Ethiopia are planning to promote conversion therapy to "treat" LGBTQ people.
Spar to take action against ‘gay rape’ hate speech employee: A Western Cape man is in hot water with his employer, Spar, after posting a hate speech comment on his Facebook profile about raping gay men instead of women.
Brazil | Attempt to ban comic book gay kiss backfires: The mayor of Rio De Janeiro's attempt to censor an Avengers comic book featuring a gay kiss has spectacularly backfired, with the smooch reaching an even bigger audience in Brazil.
Most Brits approve of LGBT-affirming education: Despite some headline-grabbing opposition, the majority of the British public agree that primary school teachers should affirm LGBT families in class.
Pastor who says he was fired for supporting LGBTI equality fights back: Teboho Klaas, a pastor in the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church,
Another conversion therapy leader comes out as gay: McKrae Game, the founder of a leading American gay conversion therapy organisation, has come out and apologised for the harm he's done.
Robert Mugabe, Africa’s most infamous homophobic leader, is dead: Zimbabwe's LGBTIQ community has expressed mixed feelings about the death of former president Robert Mugabe, who has been both hailed as a liberator and condemned as an oppressor.