US shooter says he killed gay man because he came on to brother


Kenneth Morgan Stancil III (Pic: Volusia County Dept of Corrections)

The white supremacist who shot and killed a gay North Carolina college worker this week has stated that he hates gays.

Kenneth Morgan Stancil III, 20, has admitted to shooting and killing 44-year-old Ron Lane, who was his former supervisor at the college’s printing shop.

In a phone interview from prison with WRAL-TV on Wednesday, Stancil claimed that Lane, whom he described as “a child molester”, had come on to his 16-year-old brother on Facebook.

He admitted, however, that there had been no physical contact between the two and that he never actually reported the alleged harassment to anyone else.

“I’d do anything necessary to take care of my family… I did what I had to do,” Stancil said, adding that he “did the world a favour.”

When asked if he hates gay people, he replied: “Yes, I do, with a passion.”

He insisted that he has no regrets: “I’m a murderer, you know, what the hell do I got to care?”

Stancil also confirmed that he identifies as a neo-Nazi, stating: “I try to look out for my fellow white people. I don’t believe in race mixing.”

Lane, who was openly gay, was shot by Stancil with a shotgun on Monday at the Wayne Community College in Goldsboro. Police are investigating the murder as a possible hate crime.

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