Tragic! Did Indian TV star commit suicide over lesbian love?


Disha Ganguly

A young Indian television actress’ life has been tragically cut short, reportedly because of the social stigma of being in a lesbian relationship.

The body of Disha Ganguly, 23, was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her home on April 9. She was well known after acting in a number of Bengali serials and sitcoms.

Ganguly didn’t leave a suicide note but, according to DNA India, police believe she killed herself because of the pressure she faced from her family over a relationship with another TV actress, Suchandra Banerjee, 27.

Ganguly was reportedly also involved with a man, actor Vivaan Ghosh, and was being pressured to marry him. Her family are said to have been vehemently opposed to her same-sex romance and her mother at one point forced Banerjee woman to move out of Ganguly’s apartment.

In a shocking turn of events, the other actress attempted to commit suicide when she heard the news of Ganguly’s death. Banerjee tried to throw herself in front of a train but was saved by passersby and is recovering in hospital.

DNA said that police reports indicate that before she hanged herself Ganguly spoke to her girlfriend, Ghosh and her father on the phone. As one of her last acts, she also transferred money from her personal bank account to a joint bank account she shared with Banerjee .

India has come under fire from the United Nations and human rights groups around the world for its gay sex ban, which carries penalties including life imprisonment. The law was struck down in 2009 by the Delhi High Court, but reinstated in December 2013 by the Supreme Court of India.

Earlier this week we reported that Mr Gay India was forced to drop out of the 2015 Mr Gay World contest after he and he family were threatened.

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