Who’s the man, who’s the woman? Gay couples on invasive questions


gay_couples_answer_inbasive_questionsYouTube vlogger Ashley Mardell has had enough of straight people asking gay and lesbian couples invasive, personal and downright rude questions.

We’ve all heard them before. There’s comments like, “you don’t look lesbian,” and “who’s the man and who’s the woman in the relationship?”

Who hasn’t been asked the question, “who’s the bottom and who’s the top?”

In this engaging video, Mardell got gay and lesbian couples to speak out about the assumptions made by some heterosexual people about our sexuality and gender roles.

They also query if straight people would ask other heterosexual couples the same kinds of intrusive questions about what they do in bed.

“It’s always important to use your common sense and think before you ask,” says Mardell. ” Is your  inquiry invasive or normative? If so, save it for Google instead of making someone feel uncomfortable / invisible / frustrated.”

Watch below.

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