Horror pictures: Isis dangles gay man by ankles from rooftop


The victim is dangled from a rooftop

New images have emerged of another Isis gay atrocity, this time showing a victim being dangled from a rooftop before being dropped to his death.

Mail Online reported that a total of three men were killed in Mosul in this latest incident after they were found “guilty” of homosexuality.

One picture shows a large crowd waiting at the bottom of the building as the helpless and terrified man is held upside down by his ankles over the edge of the building by Isis militants.

Subsequent images depict the blindfolded victim falling to the ground, an estimated nine stories below.

Other photos show the third man falling through the air with the bodies of his fellow victims already on the ground below him.

While it’s unclear if they died on impact, previous incidents have shown that those who  survive the drop, no doubt with terrible injuries, are stoned to death by the waiting mob.

The man falls to his death

The man falls to his death

Since June 2014, ISIS has posted numerous photos online showing the brutal public executions of men accused of sodomy, presumably as a propaganda exercise.

The men are usually taken to the top of the tallest building in the area, after which they are  pushed or thrown off. In one incident a man was thrown off the building while sitting on a plastic chair.

There have also been reports and images of the stoning of women convicted of adultery, and numerous accounts of people executed by Isis militias because of their religious affiliation.

Isis is a proponent of a radical interpretation of Sharia religious law which allows for the execution of people for “morality” crimes, including adultery and homosexuality.

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