Hair salon bans anti-gay bigots


The sign on the salon window (Pic: Facebook)

A British hair salon has told homophobes and other bigots they’re not welcome after a customer refused to let a gay stylist cut his son’s hair.

The Daily Mail reports that the man and his wife walked into the Russell Paul Hairdressing salon in Prestatyn, Wales and asked to have his son’s hair cut.

When he was handed over to stylist Richard Evans, the man told the shocked staff: “I assume he’s gay and I don’t want him cutting my lad’s hair.” The man and his family then walked out.

“I was so shocked,” Evans told the newspaper. “You don’t expect to be treated like that in this day and age. I’ve worked at the salon for seven years and have never experienced anything like that before.”

After the appalling incident, owner Russell Hughes decided to place a sign on the outside of his salon telling the world that he’s not interested in serving bigoted clients.

It reads: “If you are racist, sexist, homophobic or an a***hole… don’t come in.”

Hughes posted a picture of the sign on the store’s Facebook page, commenting: “So we have finally got round to having our new sign put in the shop window, what does everyone think?”

The post received huge support, went viral and has since caught the attention of the world’s media.

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