University gives dress code for transgender students


bangkok_university_trans_students_uniformsBangkok University in Thailand has introduced a formal dress code for transgender students.

Unlike in many other countries, universities in Thailand often require their students to wear uniforms.

Now, in an attempt to give its transgender and gender non-conforming students guidance on how they should dress for classes, Bangkok University has published a set of visual guidelines.

The images were posted on the university’s Facebook page and show the options allowed for a “ladyboy” or “tomboy,” terms widely used in the country.

The university explained that the guidelines were introduced because transgender students were wearing “whatever they liked.”

The rules appear to have been welcomed by LGBT activists. “I am very glad to hear that this university lets the students choose the uniform which fits their desire and their gender,” Nok Yollada, President of the Transgender Female Association of Thailand, told BBC News.

Thailand is considered to be one of the most liberal countries in Asia with regard to its LGBT community, but this rarely extends outside of its cities. While transgender people are visible in the entertainment world and are in much demand among foreign tourists they have few rights or protections.

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