Woman to make her garden even gayer after complaints


Julie Baker’s “relentlessly gay” garden lights (Pic: Facebook)

A woman in Maryland, USA, is determined to make her garden “gayer” after Christian neighbours complained that it was “relentlessly gay.”

Julie Baker from Overlea, in Baltimore, recently discovered a shocking note on her front door complaining about the rainbow lights in her garden.

It read: “Dear Resident…, Your yard is becoming Relentlessly Gay! Myself and Others in the neighbourhood ask that you Tone It Down.

“This is a Christian area and there are Children. Keep it up and I will be Forced to call the Police on You! Your kind need to have respect for GOD. A Concerned Home Owner.”

The outraged woman, who identifies as bisexual, has refused to give in to bigotry. “What does ‘relentlessly gay’ mean anyway?” she asked, reported the Baltimore City Paper.

The 47-year-old widow and mother of four has now launched a GoFundMe page to raise money to turn her garden into a true “gay” paradise.

“Needless to say… I need more rainbows… Many, many more rainbows…” Baker said.

“I am starting this fundraiser so I can work to make my home even more ‘relentlessly gay’. If we go high enough, I will see if I can get a rainbow roof!

“I WILL NOT relent to hatred. Instead, I will battle it with whimsy and beauty and laughter and love, wrapped around my home, yard and family!” she added.

Baker has already raised more than $30,000 dollars for her colourful cause.

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