Watch: Video of Nigeria collapse church’s gay exorcism


The young man claims to be possessed

A disturbing video has emerged of the “exorcism” of a man said to be possessed by a gay demon at preacher T.B. Joshua’s infamous church in Nigeria.

Joshua’s Synagogue Church of All Nations made headlines in September last year after a multi-storey church guest house collapsed in Lagos, killing 116 people, 81 of whom were South Africans.

The video, which was posted in May, shows a preacher named Wise Man Christopher, “ministering prayer in Jesus’ name” during a service in the church auditorium.

As people hysterically flail about, Christopher confronts a young man and the “demonic authority that controlled his life.”

Christopher repeatedly attempts to “cast out” the man’s “demon”. At one point the young man claims to speak on behalf of the evil spirit inside him and states: “I made him gay.”

Christopher asks, “What did you push him to do against his will?” to which the man (or demon, as the church believes) responds, “I made him love men. Instead of loving women, he loves men.”

After a struggle with the preacher and his assistants, the man eventually collapses on the floor. When he gets up, he claims not to remember the encounter.

Christopher proclaims, “Your past is over. Follow Jesus. You’re delivered,” after which the man raises his hands, and says, “Thank you, Jesus. I am free.”

The rest of the video consists of the man, who identifies himself as Tedus, later “testifying” to Joshua himself how he became possessed by the demon after swimming in a hotel pool.

He tells Joshua that his feelings for men “are no longer there” and that he is now living “like a normal human being.”

“[Homosexuality] is like a virus,” Tedus says. “Once it gets into you, it is only deliverance that can get you out from it.”

In a later segment, Tedus returns to the church to introduce the woman he is now planning to marry.

This week, the Synagogue Church of All Nations was found guilty of criminal negligence in an official report on the collapse of the guesthouse last year.

Joshua and his supporters, however, claim that the disaster was actually due to sabotage and the “work of Satan.” In 2011, Forbes reported that Joshua was Nigeria’s third-richest pastor.

Watch the disturbing exorcism video below.

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