Christian couple plans 1,000 anti-gay billboards


The first God’s Original Design Ministry billboard (Pic: Facebook)

A Christian ministry in Iowa has unveiled the first of its planned 1,000 anti-gay billboards that it aims to erect around the USA.

The billboard, located outside of Durant, Oklahoma, proclaims that marriage is only between one man and one woman.

It further states: “Please… I need your help with this – God.”

“This billboard is funded 100% by your generous donations. One down and 999 to go for 1,000 points of light. Thank you and God bless!” said the God’s Original Design Ministry on Facebook.

The organisation is run by Dick and Betty Odgaard, who made headlines earlier this year when they shut down their wedding venue service rather than allow same-sex weddings to be hosted there.

Their venue fell afoul of the Iowa Civil Rights Commission after a same-sex couple laid a complaint when they were turned away. After their business closed, the Odgaards founded the ministry, which is tax exempt.

Supporters can donate funds on the ministry’s website to “advance Christian teachings, Biblical ordinances and natural laws as God intended.” The Odgaards told TheBlaze that they hope to raise enough money to expand their billboard campaign into a national one.

“With that, the primary objective our mission with these billboards is to spark ‘drive-time epiphanies.’ In other words, to remind the faithful of the truth,” explained Betty.

The US Supreme Court legalised same-sex marriage across the country in a landmark ruling in June.

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