One Direction’s Liam Payne denies he’s homophobic

Liam Payne

Liam Payne (Instagram)

Boyband star Liam Payne has become embroiled in a homophobia controversy over comments he made at a One Direction concert.

The trouble started after he introduced the group’s song Girl Almighty, explaining its meaning to the audience at a Columbus, Ohio show on Tuesday night.

“It is about trying to find that number one woman of your life, which none of you can relate to, because most of you are girls,” said Liam.

“Except for the boys in here, you know what I’m talking about,” he added.

The comment quickly went viral, with some accusing the 21-year-old of being homophobic towards his lesbian fans and promoting a heteronormative view of relationships.

Liam defended himself in a series of tweets. He at first shrugged off the criticism, writing: “lol think some people take things to literal these days not gunna comment on it anymore you guys know what I meant it was meant in general.”

The British heartthrob went on to insist, “I am in no way shape or form homophobic that’s a ridicules thing to say and I’m not here to offend people so take it as you will,” adding that the furore had led to a “Crap end to a good day.”

Under continued fire, Liam tweeted: “Lol this is so insane the more I read I’m like wtf have u ever said something in the wrong way I’m sure every person here has lol.”

“I’m sorry to those I offended really I am but there’s no need for some of the things I’m being called,” he said.

What do you think? Are people overly-sensitive or were Liam’s comments misguided and offensive?

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