Billboard mocks Kim Davis in her home town


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When she returns to work on Monday, anti-gay county clerk Kim Davis may well drive past a new billboard that mocks her biased understanding of marriage.

In response to Davis’ continued refusal to serve same-sex couples in Rowan County, Kentucky, on the basis of her religious view of marriage, the group Planting Peace has erected a billboard in her honour.

The huge sign, placed in her home town of Morehead, displays a cow and three goats, and reads: “Dear Kim Davis, The fact that you can’t sell your daughter for three goats and a cow means we’ve already redefined marriage.”

The statement refers to biblical passages that allow for a dowry to be paid for women. The Bible also includes passages that support slavery and polygamy and include a slew of other restrictions that are not adhered to in the West by even the most ardent Christians.

In a statement, Planting Peace said that the “anti-LGBTQ movement is comprised of a substantial number of zealots who unfailingly refer to their rigid interpretation of religious text to narrowly define ‘traditional’ institutions and values.

“They pick and choose what they wish to convey as immoral and unacceptable, while seemingly sweeping lines of scripture just a few letters away completely under the rug,” argued the non-profit group.

It explained that it decided to “expose this narrow interpretation by Davis and others that they use to defend their discrimination against the LGBTQ community.

“It is important and relevant to call this out, because these messages and actions are not simply about a political or religious debate. There are LGBTQ youth across the world who are taking their lives at an alarming rate because of these messages from society that make them feel broken or less than,” said Planting Peace.

In the meantime, Davis has again appealed the rulings that have ordered her to at the very least accept that her office will be issuing same-sex marriage licenses.

After being arrested for contempt of court she was released last week on condition that she not interfere with her staff serving gay and lesbian couples. Monday will see if she follows the order or is willing to face returning to jail.

Planting Peace has previously called out religiously bigotry. Earlier this year, the organisation erected a billboard in response to a homophobic sign in Richmond, Virginia against same-sex marriage, featuring a South African model.

In 2013, it bought a house across the road from the gay hate Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas and then painted it in the colours of the rainbow flag.

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