Fired gay priest to Pope: “Leave gay people alone”

Monsignor Charamsa (left) and his boyfriend (Alessandro Fiorani / YouTube)

Monsignor Charamsa (left) and his boyfriend (Alessandro Fiorani / YouTube)

It’s been revealed that the Vatican priest who was recently fired after coming out wrote a scathing letter to Pope Francis.

In the letter, Krzysztof Charamsa acknowledged the steps that Francis had taken in tentatively embracing gays and lesbians, but said these were not enough.

He pointed out that while the Vatican tries to weed out gay clergy, the Catholic Church remains “full” of homosexuals.

Charamsa said that even if the Church continues to reject LGBT people within its ranks it should at least stop lobbying against them in other spheres of life.

“Have a minimum of mercy,”  Charamsa wrote. “At least leave us alone, allow civil societies to make our lives more human, while you, with your church, have managed to make the lives of us homosexuals a hell.”

The Catholic Church has actively campaigned to stop governments around the world from recognising same-sex unions and marriages.

“All gay cardinals, bishops and priests should have the courage to leave this insensible, unjust and violent church,” Charamsa added.

Speaking to The Guardian, the 43-year-old Pole said he believes that the Pope is unable to move forward on LGBTI issues because of a lack of support from other church leaders.

“I think the pope has a practical mind. He has the perception that he has no collaborators. It’s like in a government, where a ministry works against the prime minister. I think Pope Francis has also a conviction that he has opposition so great that this is not for this moment,” he said.

“We [in the church] are incapable of knowing one another. Of dialogue. It is like a mental dictatorship. I’m from Poland. I knew the communist system, it is irrational, without argument.”

Charamsa drew the ire of the church earlier this month when he came out in the Italian media and also announced that he was in a gay relationship just before a major meeting of  bishops in Rome to discuss “the family.”

Furious at the timing of his coming out, the Vatican responded by immediately firing him, calling his coming out “grave and irresponsible” and intended to put “undue media pressure” on the 300 bishops meeting for the synod.

The bishops concluded their meeting without any changes in Catholic policy towards gay and lesbian people and their families.

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