Portugal approves adoption for same-sex couples


portugal_approves_gay_adoptionAfter repeated failed attempts, the Portuguese parliament has finally extended full adoption rights to same-sex couples.

On Friday, a majority of lawmakers voted to approve the laws, which also make it legal for lesbian women to obtain medically assisted fertilisation.

ILGA-Europe’s Executive Director Evelyne Paradis said she was “delighted” at the outcome of today’s vote, describing it as a major victory for equality.

“The road to equal adoption rights for same-sex couples in Portugal has been a long one,” she commented. “Today is a wonderful day for families in Portugal, for the LGBTI activists, civil society groups and allies who have worked so hard to eliminate discrimination in adoption law.”

In January, legislation to allow gay and lesbian couples to adopt children jointly was narrowly rejected by 30 votes. There were previous attempts in 2012 and 2013.

A move to have the country vote on the issue in a national referendum was rejected by Portugal’s Constitutional Court last year after it ruled that the questions proposed were “ambiguous” and difficult to understand.

In 2010, Portugal became the sixth European nation to legalise same-sex marriage.

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