Gay online radio station launched in SA


online_gay_radio_station_launchedA new online radio station for the South African LGBTI community has started broadcasting from Pretoria.

Gay SA FM describes itself as “a voice for the South African lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) population, while at the same time providing useful information and entertainment.”

The station promises a “crafted fusion of dance music, entertainment and LGBTI specific information” that will “empower and positively influence listeners to live their lives out proud.”

“As the only LGBTI radio station in the country, broadcasting in English, Gay SA FM is in a position to deliver both a global and national perspective that instils confidence and inspires its audience,” said Hendrik Baird, Managing Member.

“Gay SA FM wants to break down the barriers between sexes, ages and races, between gay and straight and contribute to understanding and acceptance.”

The station first started broadcasting in August of 2015. Up to now it has mainly offered a playlist with a weekly live broadcast. From February more pre-recorded content will be phased in, with more live broadcasts being added to the mix from March.

The aim is to broadcast live from the middle of the year. “The planning is almost complete and about to be implemented”, commented Programme Manager Ethan Baird, whose task it is to create the on-air aspect of the station. “There is a lot of work ahead to ensure we can broadcast live in the near future.”

As a community based initiative with no funds at present, the station is relying on volunteers to serve as presenters, contributors and other behind the scenes staff. A drive is currently underway to find suitable people who are willing to put the effort in to help make this station fully functional. The volunteers will start their training during the next few weeks.

As the programming is introduced, the station will start selling advertising so as to pay for the costs. There is as yet no outside funding to help start-up, so the volunteers are putting in all the effort required for the station to start generating income.

The station will target LGBTI service providers and mainstream advertisers who want to reach the gay and lesbian market. Sales agents are required all over the country to help make this dream a reality.

Gay SA FM will not only broadcast via its website, but will be able to stream into certain gay and lesbian venues. It will also host live events and outside broadcasts. A series of launch parties will be announced over the next few months to create awareness and attract new listeners.

For more information, visit the Gay SA FM website.


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