Gay German man goes missing in Cape Town

Missing: Holger Pfister

Missing: Holger Pfister

A German man is desperately looking for his gay brother who has gone missing in Cape Town.

Holger Pfister, originally from Frankfurt, has not been seen since the 24th of December last year.

His brother, Hartmut Hoffman, has appealed for anyone who might know of his whereabouts to contact him urgently.

Not only has the 52-year-old Holger, who lives in Sea Point, vanished, but so has his dog, Bella.

Holger is the founder and editor of the website SA and previously worked as a patient activist in Europe.

According to the frantic Hartmut, his brother has been reported missing to the police in Cape Town by South African friends.

If you have any information about Holger or where he might be please e-mail Hartmut on

In October 2014, another gay European, Frank Kater, disappeared in Cape Town, while in treatment at a rehab clinic. The Dutch man left the clinic for an afternoon out and never returned, despite not taking his passport or credit and bank cards. He remains missing.

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