Watch: Steve Grand and Eli Lieb in gay duet


Steve Grand and Eli Lieb

Openly gay American singers Steve Grand and Eli Lieb have released a moving new duet about the end of a relationship, titled Look Away.

Lieb, an independent pop singer-songwriter, spoke to Pride about the making of the video for the emotional ballad. He revealed that he had broken up with his boyfriend the day before.

“The footage is so real and raw, that I struggled if I even felt comfortable putting it out.

“I wasn’t sure I wanted everyone to see the pain I was in. But then I realised that this pain came from love and is a part of life most people experience at some point – we’ve all been there. I hope it helps remind people that pain and love are so closely related to not forget how powerful love is,” he said.

Grand added: “I’m an irreverent goofball and Eli is a more serious guy just really focused on his craft. I think it makes for an interesting collaboration.”

The singer, who recently performed in South Africa, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons of late. Grand was lambasted for stating: “I’m such an easy person to target. Young, good-looking, white, gay men – we love to hate those people.”

Critics slammed the star for “complaining about how his race somehow puts him at a disadvantage”.

Grand later tweeted: “I say a lot of things. Some of those things don’t always come out quite right. I can do better, and I’m going to continue to try and do so.”

Watch Look Away below.

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