Desperate gay couple and baby “triplings” stuck in Mexico


Desperate-gay-couple-and-baby-triplings-stuck-in-MexicoA gay New Zealand couple have appealed for help after the birth of their three surrogate babies left them stranded in Mexico.

David, 41, and Nicky Beard, 32, from Auckland, had “triplings” (three babies born from the sperm of one man and one egg donor) from two Mexican¬†surrogate mothers. It’s believed to be a world first.

Their surrogacy, however, became unexpectedly complicated and expensive when the local agency managing the process disappeared with their final birthing fees, which they then had to pay all over again.

To add to their woes, one of the babies had complications and had to be put on a respirator at another hospital and treated by specialists for two weeks; massive costs they had not budgeted for.

The three babies, Lachlan, Kelly and Blake, are now all fine but the new family is broke and cannot afford to pay medical expenses, to the tune of a whopping NZ$280,000 (R2,800,000 / US$192,000), and return to New Zealand.

“Although I should be feeling blessed as a proud father, instead I feel ashamed, embarrassed, humiliated and humbled to be compelled to send out this post to my respected friends and colleagues,” wrote one of the dads online.

Desperate-gay-kiwi-couple-and-baby-triplings-stuck-in-Mexico“It’s very hard to hold my head up in a situation where I fight for the underdog and now I need other people to support me.”

A friend of the couple, Grace, has created a page in an effort to raise money to help them.

“The problem now is that they are stranded in this country with little or no finances left and another month or so of bureaucracy to get through. They also have an internal flight and accommodation requirements not to mention the hundreds of nappies.” she explained.

“We now hope that with your help they can move things along and get their beautiful new family home to the safety of New Zealand,” Grace said.

To-date, over 600 people have donated more than NZ$23,000 to assist the family.

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