Bi teen shuts down homophobic aunt with sassy comeback


Bi-teen-shuts-down-homophobic-aunt-with-sassy-comeback_twitterA bisexual British teen girl’s response to her homophobic aunt has gone viral, delighting the internet with its sass.

On Saturday, 18-year-old Charlie tweeted that her Aunt Marie had lashed out at her in a row on instant messaging, telling her: “…at least I don’t have to worry about my kid being a faggot like your mum.”

After Charlie, who came out as bisexual two years ago, expressed her outrage at the slur, the aunt went on to write:

“You need to stop being so sensitive I did not mean ‘faggot’ in a bad way I just mean you gay people have a lot of drama. I tried to understand this bi shit you claim to be but you teenagers make stuff up all the time. You’re young and you will find a man. You can change.

“You used to be so clever. If you think you can’t accept my help, don’t come to Indie’s birthday I do not want you ruining the day,” the aunt continued.

An infuriated Charlie, who tweets under the name of @MaggieGlenn, was having none of it and responded cheekily:

“Don’t worry about it. I know what you’re like after a few bottles of wine. I can’t make Indie’s birthday I’m afraid, I have a huge lesbian orgy that day and me and the other faggots have been planning it for months.”

Charlie twisted the knife further: “By the way how’s your divorce going? I saw Uncle Lee with his new girlfriend, she’s 20 years younger than you right? Speak soon!”

The teen’s comeback led to a family meltdown. She was called out by her mother, father and cousin for being disrespectful to her aunt, leading Charlie to tweet: “Does anyone want to adopt me?”

She later admitted, however, that the heated argument was the “most cathartic experience”.

Charlie explained to BuzzFeed that she decided to go public and post the quarrel online “because I wanted people to see that I stood up for myself”.

She added: “I also made myself laugh so I thought it’d be funny, but I had no idea exactly how many people would find it funny.”

Amazingly, her tweet has since been shared 21,000 times and liked by more than 42,000 people.

Needless to say, family get-togethers may be a tad awkward in future…

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