“Blessings” page now includes gays and lesbians



The controversial blessings Facebook page that’s been accused of promoting a “sugar daddy” culture is now open to same-sex connections.

The South African page, BlesserFinder, links primarily wealthy male benefactors with women who are prepared to offer their company, attention and, presumably, sex, in exchange for gits or “blessings”.

The page’s description reads: “A blesser is the new trend, why suffer as if you are not beautiful enough to be blessed. Live life, Enjoy yourself. Don’t let people judge you.”

Those interested in advertising for a partner inbox the page directly with their requirements – age, body type etc. – and what they are prepared to offer in return.

These blessings could include holidays, gifts or event long-term ongoing monthly allowances.

The administrator then posts the advert anonymously on the page and those who meet the requirements and are interested in the offer can contact the page which in turn matches them to the “blesser”.

In an unexpected move, the page announced last week that it would now also facilitate connections between members of the same sex.

“We support ‪#‎LGBIT‬, So all gays & lesbians are welcome, we currently have about 120 so far, call others to join the movement of ‪#‎MoralsMustFall‬,” said the service on Saturday.

The page has been accused of being little more than a platform for prostitution, but supporters say that it’s just another way for adults to initiate mutually beneficial relationships.

“There is 45% youth unemployment, what did you want us to do? Start a car wash or shisanyama?” asks a recent page post, which concluded with ‪”#‎PovertyMustFall‬”.

BlesserFinder is now also taking requests from those wanting to offer their “blessings” in countries such as Zimbabwe and Nigeria and will soon be launched as an app.

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