Kids watch as another gay man is thrown to his death by Isis


Kids-watch-as-another-gay-man-is-thrown-to-his-death-by-isisIn the latest documented incident, Isis militants have thrown a man to his death for being gay as children watched on.

The unnamed victim was executed by the radical group in the city of Manbij, Syria on Saturday after he was found “guilty” of homosexuality.

ARA News reported that he had earlier been arrested by religious police.

“The man was thrown brutally by ISIS masked members from the top of the building in the city,” said activist Nasser Taljbini, adding that “the corpse of the victim was transferred to an unknown destination.”

He told ARA News: “The barbaric execution took place in front of hundreds of people.” The large crowd that gathered in the street below included young children.

Locals, including children,  were called to watch the exevution

Locals, including children, were called to watch the execution

According to an ISIS sharia Court, “Throwing gays this way will cleanse their sins”.

Since June 2014, Isis has proudly distributed images and videos of dozens of brutal public killings of gay men and those accused of being gay.

It’s been claimed that in some cases undercover Isis members set up ‘dates’ with gay men in order to lure, capture and execute them.

Isis is a proponent of a radical interpretation of sharia religious law which allows for the execution of people for “morality” crimes, including adultery and homosexuality.

Most victims of Isis gay executions have been beheaded, thrown off the top of buildings or stoned.

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