GaySA Radio drops Azealia Banks over homophobic tweets

Azealia Banks and Zayn Malik

Azealia Banks and Zayn Malik

Azealia Banks’ most recent racist and homophobic social media tirade against Zayn Malik has seen her thrown off Twitter and South Africa’s gay radio station.

Earlier this week, the always controversial Banks, 24, claimed on the social media platform that Malik, 23, had stolen her ideas and looks for his new music video.

Infuriated by the former One Direction star’s limited response, she went on to rant that Malik, who is of British-Pakistani heritage, was a “curry scented bitch”, a “faggot” and a “dick rider”, amongst a host of other slurs.

The American rapper, singer and songwriter also vented her fury at 14-year-old Disney star Skai Jackson and Malik’s fans, who came to his defence.

She later admitted that she had been angry while tweeting but claimed that her intention was to highlight the reality that people of colour, like her and Malik, are still seen as “other” in the music industry.

Banks, who’s become known more for her physical and verbal altercations, homophobic slurs, and social media tirades than for her music, is now on the receiving end of a backlash.

The British Rinse FM’s Born & Bred Festival has since announced that it’s dropped her as its headline artist because “we celebrate inclusivity and equality”.

Banks’ Twitter account appears to have been suspended, presumably because of complaints about her prejudiced comments.

In South Africa, GaySA Radio also announced that it would no longer play her music, especially in light of its “Month against Homophobia” campaign this May.

“I have deleted her one song off our playlist. No to homophobia,” said Operations Manager Hendrik Baird on Facebook.

Banks has previously suggested that because she identifies as bisexual, she is allowed to make homophobic slurs.

In a 2015 online exchange with Vice Associate Editor Mitchell Sunderland, she tweeted “even if i am a homophobe… so wat? i still make more $ than you.. still have an extra hole.. and still own everything.”

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