Watch: Cape Town gay couple get engaged as they’re serenaded by Adele


Adele, Ross and Nicholas

In a stunning romantic coup, a gay Cape Town couple have gotten engaged at an Adele concert – with the star’s help!

The record-breaking Grammy-winning British singer invited Ross Levin and Nicholas Markovitz on stage at her show in Barcelona on Tuesday Night.

As she sang Make You Feel My Love, Ross got down on one knee and proposed to Nicholas.

He said yes, and the joyful couple hugged and kissed as the crowd roared with approval.

The lucky guys also posed for a photo with the hitmaker.

“I felt like I was in a movie! It was a total surprise.” Nicholas, who runs a marketing business, told Mambaonline. “Ross grabbed my hand and pulled me to the stage, I thought he needed to take a pee!

“The next minute I saw myself on screen and Adele was serenading us! I didn’t know whether to look at Adele or Ross!”

He added: “We have had lots of ups and downs and we have worked hard at our relationship, but love really does win.”

The couple have been together for four years, and Ross, who is in property development, has two children, Josh and Jessica.

“Its a proper modern family,” said Nicholas. “We have been on the phone to them constantly. All they want to know is if she is singing at the wedding and if they can be insta friends,” he laughed.

Congratulations from all of us at Mambaonline! 

It’s not the first time that Adele has show her support for her gay fans and for same-sex marriage.

Earlier this month she also oversaw the engagement of André Söderberg and Simon Carlsson from Sweden on stage at a concert in Copenhagen.

Watch the Cape Town boys’ unforgettable moment below.

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