Zizipho Pae’s at it again, now attacks gay Christians


Zizipho Pae

If you thought that homophobic former UCT student leader Zizipho Pae might have warmed up to LGBT people since her last controversy, think again.

The strident young woman has once more lashed out at gays and lesbians on her Facebook page, this time attacking the idea that someone can be both gay and Christian.

On Thursday, Pae reacted to a Huffington Post article titled, Black, Gay Christians Do Exist, And It’s Time You Hear Us.

She dismissed the idea out of hand, writing: “This is such deception… You cannot be a Christian and yet rejoice and be proud of sin… That is not possible…

“You cannot be both… You must choose one… And if you ‘choose’ both, then it is not the God of the Bible that we desire,” she insisted.

Pae went on to rant: “There is a very big difference between struggling with sin and rejoicing with sin… A Christian struggles with, wrestles with and is grieved by their sin and seeks through God’s grace, to overcome it. But an unbeliever rejoices in their sin and seeks to make it acceptable…”

Zizipho-Pae-is-at-it-again-gay-christiansPae’s ability to know the absolute and final word of God – without any doubt, humility or question – is remarkable (one would think she had written the Bible herself).

Her religious fervour first came to light in June last year, when as UCT’s Acting President of the SRC, she proclaimed that legalising same-sex marriage in the US was “institutionalising and normalising sin!”

Pae’s comments led to outrage from other student leaders and LGBT people around the country. She promptly aligned herself with the anti-gay religious lobby, including the notoriously bigoted Errol Naidoo, who heads up the homophobic Family Policy Institute.

Pae claimed to be the real victim in the furore, asserting that her right to free speech and religious freedoms were being violated.

She also complained about “acts of violence” against her after a number of students vandalised her SRC office by taking down her religious posters, putting up signs calling for her to resign and posing for topless pictures in the office.

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