Three quarters of LGBT Brits still hide their identity

Pic: Pride in London / Lauren Anderson

Pic: Pride in London / Lauren Anderson

Despite the assumption that acceptance is high in Britain, a majority of British LGBT people still feel the need to lie about their identity.

This was revealed in new research based on a survey of more than 1,000 LGBT people released ahead of Pride in London on Saturday.

It found that 74% of LGBT respondents are not always comfortable being open about their sexuality or gender identity.

The research also discovered that people who are LGBT are six times less likely to hold a partner’s hand in public than the rest of the population.

LGBT respondents said they were five times more likely to have been bullied at work because of their gender.

“Great progress has been made in the name of LGBT equality in recent years, but these figures show the striking reason why Pride is still as important as ever,” said Chair of Pride in London, Michael Salter-Church.

The survey also found that being out at work was one of the most challenging steps to take. While 75% of LGBT respondents were out to all their friends, only 50% were out to all their colleagues.

“People in Britain who are LGBT still face the need to filter their true selves, and hide affection to their loved ones,” said Salter-Church.

Pride in London culminates with Saturday’s street parade, which is followed by free festivities and performances in Trafalgar Square. This year’s theme is #NoFilter, “letting people live their lives as they want to”.

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