No to gays! Trevor Noah reveals North Carolina’s anti-gay law in action


trevor-noah-reveals-north-carolina-anti-gay-law-in-actionTrevor Noah’s The Daily Show has depicted what happens when a food truck legally refuses to serve “gay people” under North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law.

In the video, Roy Wood Jr and Jordan Klepper set up a fake barbecue food truck called Bone Brothers Flamin’ BBQ in the city of Raleigh and then arbitrarily reject hungry members of the public simply because they might be gay.

Despite the insistence of customers that they are not gay, the “chefs” point out that the law allows them to discriminate simply based on their belief that someone is LGBT.

It might be amusing to watch the confused and angry customers being turned away but the skit reflects the shocking implications of the law and what it allows businesses to do in the state.

In the clip, Wood Jr sarcastically notes, based on people’s reactions: “Wow! That is so weird! It’s as if people don’t like arbitrary discrimination.”

North Carolina’s HB2 law was enacted in March and removes municipal LGBT non-discrimination protections in the state and prevents similar protections from being passed in the future.

This means that any private business can refuse service to any person based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

It also forces transgender students in public schools and universities as well as people in state buildings to use restrooms and other facilities inconsistent with their gender identity.

North Carolina is facing massive economic damage as a result of the law. It has been boycotted by major corporations and film studios which have stopped investments or cancelled events in the state because of the law’s threat to employees and consumers. Artists such as Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams and Pearl Jam have also called off their shows in the state in protest.

Despite this, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and state lawmakers have stubbornly refused to repeal the law.

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