Aussies back gay marriage as poll plans fall apart


australia_gay_marriageAs it’s confirmed that most Australians support marriage equality, plans by the government to hold a plebiscite on the issue have been blocked.

The Labour Party, the official opposition, has refused to back the government’s bill to let the Australian public vote to legalise same-sex marriage in February next year.

Instead, Labour leader Bill Shorten had introduced an opposing bill to allow lawmakers in parliament to have a free vote on the matter. It’s believed that most MPs would vote in favour of marriage equality.

The plebiscite plan has been criticised by LGBT groups as an expensive waste of taxpayers’ money that may spark heightened homophobia and deepen harmful divisions in Australian society.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten agreed and warned that if the plebiscite was held “there are not enough hands to put over enough children’s ears to save them from the dreadful debate” that would follow.

Meanwhile, a new poll has revealed that a majority of Australians support marriage equality and 66% want parliament to resolve the issue before the end of the year.

“Australians are ready to celebrate marriage equality and want our politicians to legislate this year,” said Alex Greenwich, Co-Chair of Australian Marriage Equality.

“A majority of voters across all parties, and undecided voters, feel it’s important this reform is achieved without delay. This survey reveals that the Australian people support marriage equality and simply want parliament to do its job so we can all move forward.” he said.

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