Bizarre! Donald Trump unfurls “LGBTs for Trump” rainbow flag


donal_trump_lgbt_rainbow_flag_rallyAmerican presidential candidate Donald Trump has attempted to show that he has supporters within the LGBT community.

On Sunday night, Trump walked onto a stage in front of a crowd at an election rally in the city of Greeley, Colorado and unfurled a large rainbow flag with the words “LGBTs for Tump” scrawled on it.

Beaming, he proudly held the flag up for the cameras and for his supporters to see before handing it back to someone in the audience. It’s unclear if the stunt was planned or if it was an off-the-cuff moment.

It’s been pointed out, however, that the message was written on the flag upside down; the red stripe is meant to be at the top.

Despite attempting to court LGBT voters (and claiming to be “the friend of women and the LGBT community”), Trump’s policies, words and partners in his presidential campaign are anything but LGBT friendly.

He not only supports moves to reverse marriage equality and to stop transgender people from serving in military, but his running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, is a virulently anti-LGBT evangelical Christian.

Trump’s Democratic Party rival Hillary Clinton has received the endorsement of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the largest LGBT rights group in the USA.

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