Shrien Dewani rent boy takes his own life

Leopold Leisser

Leopold Leisser

In a tragic turn of events, the British based fetish rent boy who testified in the sensational Shrien Dewani murder trial has committed suicide.

The British media revealed last week that Leopold Leisser, 45, was found hanged in his Birmingham flat in September.

It was claimed in an investigation into his suicide that Leisser had been suffering from stress since the 2014 trial.

Leisser had also reportedly faced financial difficulties after he was forced to shut down his escort website due to the publicity around the case.

The German-born man was known to his clients as the ‘German Master’. He was alleged to have been paid by Dewani, who was accused of the 2010 murder of his wife, Anni, in South Africa, for a series of sex sessions.

Dewani told the court in a statement at the start of the trial that he is bisexual and confirmed that he’d had sex with rent boys before the marriage.

Prosecutors attempted to suggest that Dewani’s closeted sexuality was the reason for killing his wife, whom he’d allegedly been pressured to marry.

Leisser flew to Cape Town to testify in the trial but the judge in the case, Jeanette Traverso, dismissed him as a witness and ruled that Dewani’s sexuality was not relevant. The judge ultimately acquitted Dewani of murder due to lack of evidence.

Anni’s family expressed their condolences to the Daily Mail at the news of Leisser’s death.

Her uncle, Ashok Hindocha, commented: “This gentleman was a gay lover of Shrien Dewani and the only one who knew him who was prepared to give evidence against him.

“We believe that being stopped from giving evidence that he saw as so important upset him very much.

“We don’t know what caused him to hang himself but that would have been a huge burden on a man who had gone all the way to South Africa and then got stopped from telling what he knew,” said Hindocha.

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