Lesbian mom finally allowed to be open about her sexuality with her kids


Rachelle Black and her family (Facebook)

The Washington Supreme Court has overturned a shocking lower court ruling that banned a lesbian mom from discussing her sexuality with her children

After realising that she was lesbian, Rachelle Black filed for divorce in 2011 from her husband, who is a conservative Christian.

Despite being a stay-at-home mother, in 2013, the court gave primary custody of their three children to her husband because of her sexual orientation.

It also barred her from “having further conversations with the children regarding religion, homosexuality, or other alternative lifestyle concepts”.

This included not exposing them to any LGBT-related “literature or electronic media; taking them to movies or events; providing them with symbolic clothing or jewelry; or otherwise engaging in conduct that could reasonably be interpreted as being related to those topics unless the discussion, conduct, or activity is specifically authorized and approved”.

Black was further not allowed to spend time with her kids together with her same-sex partner without approval from the children’s therapist.

The court justified these restrictions because it believed that the children would find it difficult “to reconcile their religious upbringing” with her homosexuality.

On Friday, the Washington Supreme Court unanimously rejected the limitations imposed on Black as unconstitutional. It criticised the biased lower court for presuming “that Rachelle’s sexual orientation is inherently disruptive to the children”.

It also agreed that the court unfairly favoured the father’s religious beliefs over Rachelle’s ability to parent her children.

“We are absolutely thrilled with this positive result for Rachelle and her family,” said the organisation Legal Voice, which represented Black.

“We are hopeful that this strong decision from the Supreme Court will serve as a lesson to courts in Washington – and beyond – so that no one else will have to face discrimination in child custody decisions because of who they love.”

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