Hate crime and anti-homophobia marches in CT and Durban


Khumbulani Pride 2016 (Cheryl Roberts)

Here’s your chance to say no to hate and homophobia. Two marches will take place in Cape Town and Durban on Saturday 20 May to remember the victims of LGBTI hate crimes.

Both events will show their support for the 5 – Justice Denied campaign, which is highlighting five unresolved cases of anti-LGBTI hate in the criminal justice system.


In Cape Town, the annual Khumbulani Pride March is being held in Strand.

Khumbulani (“remember” in Xhosa) Pride aims to honour the lives of LGBTI people lost in hate violence in the Western Cape.

The march will start at 10 am from the circle next to the police station on Vulindlela Street and will proceed to the Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum. This will be followed by a programme from 12 noon that will include:

• Poetry, music and entertainment
• Candlelight ritual in memoriam of victims of hate crimes and in honour of survivors of violence
• Remarks from a Butch lesbian about the fear of violence
• Remarks from a representative of the Department of Social Development
• Remarks from a representative of the Department of Justice on Rapid Response processes
• Remarks from community members


In Durban, a Beach Walk organised by the Same Love Toti Support Group will mark the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT), which was commemorated on May 17.

The event aims to affirm support for the LGBTI community, and in particular show that all families are valuable.

The beachfront walk starts from 10am at Ushaka and will proceed to the Amphitheatre, along the promenade.

“Support equality, dignity and freedom to live openly,” said the organisers. “You don’t have to be gay to support your friends and family. All ages welcome.”

Take your rainbow flags, your message t-shirts and placards and take a stand against hate and injustice!

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