Gretha Wiid given 21 days to respond to homophobia complaints


The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) is continuing its investigation into Christian relationship “expert” Gretha Wiid over her views on homosexuality.

Netwerk24 reports that the SAHRC has sent the celebrity speaker and writer a letter giving her less than a month to respond to the allegations of homophobia made in numerous complaints against her.

Wiid has been slammed for her statements about homosexuality included in one of her advice books for young boys.

She wrote that boys become gay due to unloving or abusive fathers, and that they can revert to heterosexuality if they “speak to someone about these things in time – before it is too late”. In another book targeting girls, she stated that being gay is “sad”.

Many in the LGBTQ community are alarmed that the books, which were first released in 2009 but were recently republished, present inaccurate and dangerous information that could negatively affect young LGBTQ people and their families.

Wiid’s attorney, Willie Spies, confirmed to Netwerk24 that she has received the SAHRC letter, which gives her 21 days to explain or justify her views in the book.

In May, the commission told those who lodged complaints against Wiid that “…your complaint falls within the mandate of the South African Human Rights Commission and will be investigated.”

While Wiid, who has a gay brother, has since apologised for having “wronged” anyone with her “word choices or the way that I wrote…” she has not fully retracted her views or agreed to recall the books.

It’s believed that the SAHRC received around 70 complaints against Widd from members of the public.

In addition to her books, Wiid offers “camps” for young people in which she advises them on “relationships, choices and friends” and how to be “men and women” according to Christian values. She also hosts ‘Worthy Women’ events that assert the primacy of the man in marriage.

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