Kenyan politician assaulted and then arrested for “sodomy”


A popular politician standing for parliament in Kenya has been arrested after a hotel room altercation with another man.

According to Daily Nation, Sam Wairimu – who is an independent candidate standing for the Maragua Constituency – was “rescued” by police on Friday 15 July after officers were called to respond to an assault.

In the early hours of the morning, police forced their way into the room and took Wairimu to hospital. His alleged assailant was arrested and taken to the Kabati Police Station.

Wairimu claimed that he was sleeping when the man, who was unknown to him, entered the room and attacked him with a piece of wood embedded with nails.

He said that when neighbours responded to his screams they locked the door from the outside with both men still inside. He blamed political rivalry for being behind the assault.

The authorities, however, say that Wairimu’s alleged assailant has a different story and has accused the politician of “trying to sodomise him” as the reason for beating him.

Police appeared to side with this version of events and arrested Wairimu after he was treated for his injuries in hospital. He will now face sodomy charges while the alleged attacker has been charged with physical assault.

Homosexuality is outlawed in Kenya, with penalties including five to 14 years in prison. LGBT expression is also banned by the country’s censors.

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