Another study confirms effective treatment stops HIV between gay couples


The largest study to analyse HIV transmission risk among gay couples with differing HIV status has shown that HIV positive men on effective treatment do not transmit HIV to their partners.

The results from the Kirby Institute’s Opposites Attract study were presented on Tuesday at the IAS Conference on HIV Science in Paris.

During the course of the study, participant couples reported almost 17 thousand acts of anal-intercourse without a condom, none of which resulted in HIV transmission.

“Undetectable virus level effectively prevents HIV transmission among gay couples,” explained Professor Andrew Grulich from the Kirby Institute and chief investigator on the study.

“Opposites Attract is the first study to show that these results apply in both high and middle income countries. Our research adds to the evidence from a small number of other international studies of heterosexual and homosexual couples and means that we can say, with confidence, that effectively treated HIV blocks transmission in couples of differing HIV status,” said Grulich.

HIV treatment works by suppressing the level of virus in a person living with HIV, so that immune system damage is halted and even reversed. When treatment is consistently taken daily, the virus levels become so low that they become undetectable in the blood. The results of Opposites Attract show that when an undetectable viral load is maintained, the risk of HIV transmission is negligible.

“This is life-changing news for couples of differing HIV status. But it is important that the HIV positive partner is under regular medical care and does not miss any of their anti-retroviral medication in order to ensure they maintain an undetectable viral load,” noted Professor Grulich.

“Our data add to previous studies which show that there has never been a recorded case of HIV transmission from an HIV-positive person to their HIV-negative sexual partner when the HIV-positive partner had undetectable viral load.”

Dr Nittaya Phanuphak, PhD, MD, Chief of the Prevention Department at the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre, said that “Demonstrating that condomless sex with undetectable viral load is a form of safe sex does not only prove the scientific concept of treatment as prevention but heavily destigmatises gay men living with HIV, as well as their seronegative partners…”

Opposites Attract assessed HIV transmission among 358 gay couples in relationships where one partner is HIV positive and the other negative. The study followed participants from Thailand, Brazil and Australia over four years from 2012–2016.

The research confirms that getting tested regularly and getting treated (if you’re positive) is not only good for your health but also the best gift you can give your partner or partners.

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